Here all the opportunities to work with Arriva abroad.

Find over 120 open positions.

SAB is part of a team of 60,000 people present in 14 countries that share the same principles and the same way of working. To make this work experience possible, we shared 4 values and are looking for opportunities to integrate them into what we do.

Our values are:

  • One Arriva – We work as a single team «Together we ARRIVA»;
  • Great Customer Experience – We make our customers happy every day;
  • Doing the Right Thing – We take care of customers, colleagues and the environment, putting security first;
  • Thinking Beyond – We are curious and inspired to think beyond every day, for a better and bigger Arriva.

The management of Human Resources is based on the constant inclusion of young people endowed with entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and determination, aptitude for team work and interpersonal relationships, to ensure business development plans.

Following are the open positions:

As part of the upgrading of its operating structure, we are looking for staff to be employed in bus driving, to be entered with a contract both for a fixed period and for an indefinite full-time period.
Professional requirements of the following:
Candidates with a strong sense of responsibility will have to provide our passengers with an efficient and comfortable transport service.

The following are required:

  • Licence DE or D;
  • Driver qualification card for the transport of persons (CQC);
  • Possession of the physical and psycho-aptitude to the job of operator of exercise pursuant to the Decree of the Ministry of Transport n. 88 of 23.2.99;
  • Willingness to work rotary shifts, including night and public holidays;
  • preferred upper secondary school diploma;
  • preferred English or other Community language knowledge.

The new drivers recruited will refer to the Company’s headquarters in the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia. In order to facilitate the inclusion of candidates in the company organization, in the first months of the employment relationship, the companies will provide logistical and housing support tools.

The working relationship will be regulated by the RD 148/1931.

Applicants who meet the requirements of RD 148/31 for admission to the service, once the selection has been completed, will be subject to a physical and psychological fitness checkaptitude for the job of operating operator according to DM 88/99 at the health facility designated by the Company. Applicants must submit self-certification of their personal data, their qualifications, their employment and professional experience and any pending criminal convictions. The selection, open to men and women, is of a private nature and does not give rise to any commitment on the part of the Company.


The applicant must be able to document and record any business accounting records, managing and ensuring the accounting process in compliance with tax and tax procedures and requirements.

More specifically, the following:

  • Supplier accounting: accounting and settlement of invoices, preparation and control of payments, statements of account, management of prompt suppliers, recording of assets;
  • Control of incoming and outgoing orders;
  • Customer accounts: invoice issuance, cash recording, check mastrini, monthly accounts balances;
  • Provision of bank reconciliations;
  • General accounting: first note recording, management of monthly provisions, management of accruals and accruals, reconciliation of transitional accounts, control of monthly calculation of VAT;
  • Management of depreciation of assets;
  • Support in the preparation of the budget entries and in the preparation of the civil budget.

The candidate must be able to use computer tools and good knowledge of Office programs, especially Excel.

Excellent knowledge of English required.

The candidate must have at least ten years of experience and must have a bachelor’s degree in business or business or business management.

The Company takes the utmost care in the recruitment of human resources, through the staff of the Human Resources and Organization Directorate, with the intervention of the functional lines.
Privileged recruitment channels are curricula sent spontaneously or following advertisements in the main web search engines, local newspapers and corporate website.

Each application is acknowledged in writing by e-mail.

There are three traditional channels of entry into the company for recent A-level graduates and university graduates:

  • Technical Area (Research & Development, Maintenance, Mechatronics, Real Estate Management);
  • Commercial Area (Sales, Marketing and Communication);
  • Services Area (Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Management Control, Operations, Information Systems).

Subsequently it’s the feedback on the “field” that, together with the competences of the candidate, promotes the insertion in the business area in which it’s more suitable, being sure the possibility of inner-group professional growth.

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